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Tori Anne Martin

This Spells Disaster

This Spells Disaster

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Fake dating gets a magical and witchy twist in this flirty, spellbinding and sexy new rom com

When 'messy witch' Morgan Greenwood drunkenly offers to fake date her dream woman Rory Sandler during the New England Witches' festival, she's sure she was hexed at birth. And to complicate matters, Rory accepts.

But although they're 'pretending' to be a couple, their undeniable chemistry soon starts to feel real -until Morgan realizes she may have accidentally given Rory an illegal love potion. If this is true, she'll have to prove how incompatible she and Rory are to break the potion.

Morgan is no stranger to disaster, so ruining their relationship should be easy.

Could the magic between them be real? Or will Rory be Morgan's latest screw up?

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