Welcome to our Affiliates Page – a vibrant hub of LGBTQ+ literary excellence curated just for you! At Queer Book Bar, we believe in celebrating diversity, amplifying queer voices, and creating a space where everyone can find stories that resonate with their unique experiences. Our Affiliates Page is a testament to this commitment, showcasing a handpicked selection of outstanding LGBTQ+ sources that share our passion for inclusivity and representation.

Explore the rainbow of literary delights with our affiliated partners:

1. Queer Book Club: Join a community of avid readers who celebrate the richness of LGBTQ+ literature. Queer Book Club brings together book lovers from all walks of life, fostering engaging discussions and creating connections through the power of storytelling. Find them here!

2. Q-lit: Q-Lit is Victoria's premier LGBTQIA+ literature festival, dedicated to celebrating the rich and vibrant history of language and storytelling within the queer community. Born from the understanding that LGBTQIA+ culture has a long-standing tradition of utilising language in unique and powerful ways, Q-Lit seeks to honour and elevate these voices. The festival brings together a diverse array of queer writers and creators, transcending genres and mediums to create a truly inclusive and inspiring event. Find them here

These are just a couple of the incredible partners we've teamed up with to enhance your journey through LGBTQ+ literature. Each affiliate shares our dedication to promoting queer voices/narratives, fostering understanding, and creating a literary space where everyone feels seen and heard.

By connecting with these esteemed organizations, we aim to build a network that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of LGBTQ+ storytelling. As you peruse our Affiliates Page, know that each recommendation comes with the stamp of approval from our passionate team, ensuring you access a curated selection of literature that reflects the beauty and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Thank you for joining us on this literary adventure. Together, let's continue to support and uplift LGBTQ+ voices, one page at a time. Happy reading!