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Wednesday Holmes

The Path to Parenthood

The Path to Parenthood

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Take a tour of "The Path To Parenthood": a children's book (for adults) that will show you all the stops LGBTQ+ people have to take on their overly complicated path to parenthood.

See the sights of Surrogate City! Take a dip in Lawyer Lagoon! Or lay out in La Playa Del Second-Parent Adoption. They may be new to you, but for LGBTQ+ parents, these places and more are all too familiar. And hopefully by the end you'll see that this is the way it is. Not the way it should be.

Created in partnership with bubly sparkling water, "The Path to Parenthood" is a book designed to raise awareness and drive donations to Family Equality, an organization dedicated to helping all parents navigate their path to parenthood.
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