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Michael Earp

Out-Side: Queer Words & Art From Regional Victoria

Out-Side: Queer Words & Art From Regional Victoria

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There’s a lot that can be found outside...

Myths emerge from the wood; rainbow parents and grandparents reflect on full lives; daughters spin yarns about black eyes; dragons fight beside their human companions. Poets muse on the mysteries of love and transformation. A three-headed cat stands as proud as Cerberus, while the dove inside a man longs to fly. We dream up ways to connect with our heritage while creating a future with our own hands, and check into motels on memory lane. We’re tempted by devils; contemplate our reflections; sink our teeth into realities often ignored and revel in the minutiae of life.

Sometimes, we just have to spend time outside and the whole world opens up to us.
Edited by Michael Earp (Everything Under the Moon and Kindred), this collection of art and writing showcases the spectacular breadth of talent from emerging and established artists and writers across regional Victoria. Out-Side is the first anthology to be funded by Midsumma/Victoria’s Pride Regional Activations. 5% of all profits from this collection will be donated to Koorie Pride.

Out-side is proudly produced and published by Q-Lit: Queer Victorian Festival of Words

Sissy Eileen Austin, John Bartlett, Jemimah Brewster, Em Chandler, Michael Earp, Samantha Garner, Kate Hall, Sian Harris, Clare Holder, Garth Horsfield, Sarah Hart, Brionadh Hassett, Lou Hurley, KJ, Gaby Kruithof, Nick Lawson, Martin John Lee, Rhys Lok, Suzy Medwell, Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith, Josslyn Owleye, Jasper Peach, Marley Pearce, Coral Reeve, JC Rycroft, Dee Sanders, Hayley Singer, Cris Stevens-Todd, Josh M. Taylor, Reed van Galen, Cassy Velinos, Jessica Walton, and Ruby Wyatt-Carter.

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