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Travis Alabanza

None of the Above: Reflections on Life Beyond the Binary

None of the Above: Reflections on Life Beyond the Binary

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An electric memoir about what it means to live outside the gender boundaries imposed on us by society, from the award-winning trans writer and performer


'No memoir like it' - Independent

'Travis Alabanza writes with such generosity and ease even the most provocative suggestions start to seem obvious . . . Profound and funny' - SHON FAYE

'Will challenge, empower and move your soul' - Glamour

'Lucid and glorious' - YRSA DALEY-WARD

In None of the Above, Travis Alabanza examines seven phrases people have directed at them as a Black, mixed race, non-binary person. Some are deceptively innocuous, some deliberately loaded or offensive, some celebratory; sentences that have impacted them for better and for worse; sentences that speak to the broader issues raised by a world that insists that gender must be a binary. Through these seven phrases, Travis Alabanza turns a mirror back on society, giving us reason to question the very framework in which we live and the ways we treat each other.
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