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Daniel O'Shaughnessy

Naked Nutrition: An LGBTQ+ Guide to Diet and Lifestyle

Naked Nutrition: An LGBTQ+ Guide to Diet and Lifestyle

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As a gay man living in London and working as a nutritionist, Daniel O’Shaughnessy knows that the LGBTQ+ community has specific dietary and health needs. He works with individuals on matters you might expect: weight loss and muscle gain, addiction, fertility and digestive health issues. But he also works with many clients on more sensitive matters such as nutrition for balancing hormones while transitioning, how to eat if you have a chronic condition, and how to mitigate against the party lifestyle. 

Yet while there is huge demand for this kind of information in his private practice, there is very little reliable public information out there for the LGBTQ+ community to access. Naked Nutrition seeks to change that: it is the first LGTBQ+ focused guide to diet and lifestyle, taking an honest, inclusive, and non-judgemental approach to the questions Daniel is asked most frequently.

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