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Rowan Ellis

Here and Queer: A Queer Girl's Guide to Life

Here and Queer: A Queer Girl's Guide to Life

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Here and Queer is a book about living your best queer life, written for a female audience.

This vibrant, inclusive guide is designed to help you be the strongest, proudest, happiest version of yourself! A celebration of the gift of queerness, it's packed full of heartfelt advice, comforting stories and stylish illustrations, and will give you the tools you need to explore your own identity, on your own terms. Author and YouTuber Rowan Ellis uses her personal experience to take you through queer life, from coming out and dealing with tough stuff, right through to finding friendships and celebrating Pride. There are also brilliant guest essays from contributors across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Featuring chapters on self-expression, sex and romance, self-care, queer history and activism, a section at the back of the book gives advice on how to help you find extra support if you need it.

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