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Brydie Lee-Kennedy

Go Lightly

Go Lightly

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'Sharp and funny and humane ... Brydie skewers everyone equally, but always with empathywarmth and wit.' Monica Heisey, author of Really Good, Actually

'A novel that really nails the chaos, panic and joy of being young' Daisy Buchanan, author of Insatiable

'Captures twentysomething chaos ... Very funnyTHE TIMES

A funny and tender twenty-first century story of family, friendship, love – and how getting it wrong is sometimes the only way to get it right.


With Sadie she's an Aussie girl in London, a performer, a ball of creativity and a lover of food.
With Stuart she's funny and quirky, capable of finding romance in a dinner of crisps on a cold harbour and long train rides.
With her family she's the joker, the peacekeeper, the entertainer.
But she doesn't have to choose which version of herself to be… right?

Ada's answer to most questions is: yes. Every night is an opportunity to be thrilled and every morning a chance to recount it to her friends, so when she falls for Sadie and Stuart at the same time, she sees no reason not to pursue them both.

But as the realities of modern life begin to catch up with her, and everyone wants Ada to define herself in relation to them, she feels the weight of the questions: which version of yourself is most true? And do other people enhance your best self, or distort it?

Go Lightly is a tribute to party girls who'd rather enjoy the present than fear the future or regret the past, and a love letter to the community you find when you're far from home.

'Funny, perceptive and effortlessly engaging … I loved this novel' Lily Lindon, author of Double Booked

'Sharp, witty and...astute' THE HERALD

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