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Linda And Wenzel, Julian Becker

All About LGBTQ+

All About LGBTQ+

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What is all this LGBTIQ* stuff about? Am I bi, lesbian or gay? What does trans really mean? How is it different from doing drag?

All these questions can be emotionally overwhelming, especially if you're not (yet) sure about your own gender identity.

All About LBGTIQ* is a guide for all children, young people, and parents who want to know more about the many diverse forms that gender identity can take. Told through vignettes of personal experience from members of the LGBTIQ* community, this book is an entertaining way of opening up a safe space to discuss gender identity. This book explains all the various terms, and also offers support when it comes to things such as bullying and harassment.

Written by two LBGTIQ* podcasters, readers will be encouraged to explore their own feelings at their own pace. All About LBGTIQ* will become your companion to the world of gender and diversity as you journey into adulthood.
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