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Emily Wright

A Holly Jolly Christmas

A Holly Jolly Christmas

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Is it too late for a second chance at Christmas?

Holly hasn’t been home for two years. Ever since her brother died, Mistleberry is a haunting ground full of history she’s tried to escape. Her family are grieving, her ex won’t stop calling, and bumping into Vicky Castleton puts the cherry on the crumbling Christmas cake.

Because Holly’s first love and biggest regret looks better than ever.

Holly tries to heal the holes in her heart as her family—and persistent best friend—keep pushing her to confront her past. But the more time she spends with her old flame, the more she’s hit with the undeniable truth: her heart has never let go of Vicky. Time’s running out, and years of hiding away and shielding herself have left her with the question: can she conquer her ghosts this Christmas, and risk it all for love?

A Holly Jolly Christmas is the small town, second-chance romance guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. So grab a blanket and cosy up with this sapphic romance stuffed full of the festive feels. Available in paperback, eBook, and on Kindle Unlimited.

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